The West Bengal State Election Commission does not deal with General Elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Such Elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India. Thus, any complaint, suggestion or any other communication regarding the same may be addressed either to the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
241 10-SEC/4A-5/94(Part- 04-01-2002 Notification
242 3538-SEC/4A-55/2013 04-09-2013 Travel Plan of Observers. Travel Plan of Observers in connection with Randomization of polling parties in ensuing Municipal General Elections 2013
243 56/2013/PPS-II 18-01-2013 NOTIFICATION OF ECI Part 2
244 56/2013/PPS-II 18-01-2013 NOTIFICATION OF ECI Part 1
245 3411-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Order
246 3410-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Order
247 3409-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Order
248 3408-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Setting Up Candidate Camp
249 3407(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 22-08-2013 Declaration of 'Dry Day'.
250 3406-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Form 7 related letter
251 3405(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 22-08-2013 Requisition of premises, vehicles etc
252 3404(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 22-08-2013 Setting the number of contesting candidates
253 3403-SEC/1M-20/2013 22-08-2013 Electronic Voting Machines Sealing the Result Section of the Control Unit with “Strip Seal” by the Presiding Officer at the polling station – Directions
254 NIL Updated Observers List for Municipal Election to be held in August, 2013
255 NIL List of Observer for Municipal General Elections to be held on Sept, 2013
256 3291(10)-SEC/1M-20/2 14-08-2013 Directions regarding Election Duty votes
257 3336(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 16-08-2013 Metal seals of Presiding and Municipal Returning Officers
258 3337(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 16-08-2013 Marked copy of the Electoral Rolls to be supplied to the polling parties
259 3338(9)-SEC/1M-20/20 16-08-2013 Plying of vehicles on poll day and during campaign
260 3312-SEC/1C-1/2006 14-08-2013 Scrutiny of nom. papers