The West Bengal State Election Commission does not deal with General Elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Such Elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India. Thus, any complaint, suggestion or any other communication regarding the same may be addressed either to the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
201 3943(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Order
202 3945(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Requisition of Premises
203 NIL Contacts of the Observers who are angaged in forthcoming Municipal Election Nov. 2013
204 NIL Appontment Letters of Observers
205 3934-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Election Allowances
206 3935-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Grant of tiffin charges. Grant of tiffin charges to the officers & staff members drafted and deployed by the district in connection with the Municipal General Elections, 2013.
207 3936-SEC/4T-05/2010 24-10-2013 Remuneration. Remuneration to Sector Officers/ Zonal Magistrates/ Liason Officer to Election Observer and Cell Phone Recharging Allowance to Sector Officers and Presiding Officers.
208 3937-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Uninterrupted power supply. Employees of the Central/ State Government / Local Bodies and others who may be appointed as Counting Supervisor/ Counting Assistant for performing counting duty
209 3929-SEC/2M-35/2010 24-10-2013 Uninterrupted power supply. Uninterrupted power supply to 5(five) ULBs where Municipal General & 29(twenty nine) Municipal Constituencies (Ward) where Bye-Elections are scheduled to be held
210 3930(3)-SEC/2M-35/20 24-10-2013 Requisition of the schools and colleges premises along with the services of their non-teaching employees.
211 3928(15)-SEC/1S-14/2 24-10-2013 Alphabetical Arrangement of some prefix / titles
212 3921-SEC/8C-1/1995(P 23-10-2013 Order related to Distinguishing Mark
213 3920(16)-SEC/1M-20/2 23-10-2013 Protocol for First Level Checking of E.V.M.s before Municipal General & Bye-Elections, 2013.
214 3897(16)-SEC/4D-8/20 23-10-2013 Model Code of Conduct
215 3892(15)-SEC/2B-6/20 23-10-2013 ED & Tender Ballot Papers and designs thereof. Electronic Voting Machines will be used in the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye-Elections which are scheduled to be held on 22nd November, 2013.
216 3891-SEC/2B-6/2006 23-10-2013 Specification about every balloting unit of the voting machine-a ballot paper shall be displayed in the space meant therefore and shall contain the following particulars and be of the following design.
217 3894(2)-SEC/4B-3/201 23-10-2013 Allotment of Fund Howrah and South 24 PGS. Sub-allotment of sum in connection with the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye Elections
218 3893(13)-SEC/4B-3/20 23-10-2013 Allotment of Fund. Sub-allotment of sum in connection with the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye Elections
219 3879-SEC/1E-78/2012( 22-10-2013 Forwarding Letter for Notification for Elections in Nov 2013
220 3874-SEC/1E-78/2012( 22-10-2013 Notification for Bye Election in Nov 2013