The West Bengal State Election Commission does not deal with General Elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Such Elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India. Thus, any complaint, suggestion or any other communication regarding the same may be addressed either to the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
141 399-SEC-3C-15-2013 26-02-2015 Minutes of Meeting held on 20.02.2015
142 393-SEC-3C-15-2013 25-02-2015 Video Conference
143 379-SEC-5P-16-2013 23-02-2015 ORDER
144 347-SEC/3E-24/2012 18-02-2015 LIST OF ALL MUNICIPAL BODIES
145 347-SEC/3E-24/2012 18-02-2015 ORDER
146 228-SEC-1D-181-2013 31-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation for Englishbazar Municipality
147 223-SEC/1D-173/2014 30-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation for Barasat Municipality
148 140-142-143-144-145- 21-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation to Birbhum Bankura Coochbehar Pr Medinipur
149 181-186-187-190 27-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation to N24 Parganas Burdwan Purulia
150 181-186-187-190 27-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation for Bidhannagar Municipality
151 203-SEC-1D-170-2014 29-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation for Bidhannagar Municipality
152 153-167-168-171-172 22-01-2015 Notification of Delimitation to Hooghly N24 Parganas and Malda
153 204-SEC-3R-23-2012 29-01-2015 Letter Regarding Reservation
154 120-122 and 127-131 19-01-2015 Gazette Notification. Uploading of Gazette Notification regarding delimitation in connection with Municipal General Election 2015
155 1217-SEC/3R-23/2012 08-12-2014 Order for Re-fix of draft publication for KMC
156 1216-SEC/3R-23/2012 08-12-2014 Order regarding Re-Fix of date.
157 1119-SEC/4A-5/1994(P 17-11-2014 Notification regarding prescribed authority for the ensuing Municipal Election
158 1080-SEC/2M-35/2010 03-11-2014 Corrigendum. Corrigendum reg. inclusion of 1(one) Municipality in enclosed list with sent for preliminary report i/c with Munc. Genl.Elec., 2014.
159 28(2)-SEC/1D-156/201 09-01-2014 Delimitation Proposal North 24 Pgs
160 30(2)-SEC/1D-157/201 09-01-2014 Delimitation Proposal Howrah