The West Bengal State Election Commission does not deal with General Elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Such Elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India. Thus, any complaint, suggestion or any other communication regarding the same may be addressed either to the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
261 3311-SEC/1C-1/2006 14-08-2013 Setting up of candidature
262 3310-SEC/1C-1/2006 14-08-2013 Authorisation of Candidate
263 374/MA/O/C-4/1E-1/20 16-08-2013 Notification of Municipal General Election, 2013 issued by State Govt.
264 3334(9)-SEC/1E-78/20 16-08-2013 Forwarding Letter of Notification for Municipal General Election, 2013
265 3330-SEC/1E-78/2012 16-08-2013 Notification of Municipal General Election, 2013
266 3256 -3274-SEC/4A-55 12-08-2013 Appoinment of Observer. Appointment of Observer regarding Mucipal Election to be held on August,2013
267 3254-SEC/1M-20/2013 12-08-2013 D I R E C T I O N. maximum number of vehicles to be allowed to come within the periphery of 100 mtrs. of Municipal Returning Officer / Assistant Municipal Returning Officer’s office
268 3255(10)-SEC/6D-9/20 12-08-2013 Eligibility and ineligibility for candidature to the Municipal General Elections, 2013.. the question of eligibility of any category of persons for contesting Municipal Elections, should be settled in the light of the provisions, constitutional and statutory, on disqualification
269 3252(10)-SEC/2E-1/19 12-08-2013 Ceiling of Election Expenses. ceiling of election expenses and maintenance of accounts by the contesting candidates
270 NIL 06-08-2013 Declaration file Bengali. Declaration form in English
271 NIL 06-08-2013 Declaration file Bengali. Declaration form in Bengali
272 541/MA/O/C/C-4/3R-8/ 25-11-2009 Notification
273 563-SEC-1D-144-2013 09-04-2013 Notification of Delimitation. Delimitation of Guskara Municipality where election to be held on 2013
274 523(7)-SEC/6A-21/201 25-03-2013 Allotment of Fund. Request to sub-allot a total sum of Rs. 6.10 Lakh (Rupees six lakh ten thousand) only and to place the same at your disposal in connection with the preparatory work for ensuing Municipal General Elections to be held in the month of June, 2013
275 522-SEC/6A-21/2012 25-03-2013 Letter to DM Jalpaiguri. sub-allot a total sum of Rs.72,000/- (Rupees seventy two thousand) only and to place the same at your disposal in connection with the Municipal General Elections held on the 3rd June, 2012 in your district
276 Details Of Observer regarding Election in 2012. Commission has appointed the following officers as Observers for the Municipal General Elections to Durgapur Municipal Corporation / Dhupguri, Panskura, Nalhati, Haldia Municipalities / Coopers’ Camp Notified Area scheduled to be held on the 3rd June, 2012
277 1290-SEC/1C-6/1998 23-05-2012 In order to avoid any malpractices and unscrupulous methods 2. and for enforcing utmost discipline the Polling Agents will be required to display his Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or Identity Card with Photographs, obtained from the Municipal Returning Officer, on his person during his stay at the Polling Station, If any Polling Agent does not have EPIC, the candidate shall have to procure Identity Card from the Municipal Returning Officer
278 1287(5)-SEC/1T-4/19 22-05-2012 Letter to The District Municipal Election Officer & District Magistrate, Jalpaiguri / Nadia / Purba Medinipur / Burdwan / Birbhum. Control Room Duty
279 1286-SEC/1S-14/2011 22-05-2012 Letter to The Municipal Returning Officer, Coopers’ Camp Notified Area & Sub-Divisional Officer, Ranaghat
280 1285-SEC/5P-14/2011 22-05-2012 Approval regarding Polling Stations. please submit a list of sensitive booths within the jurisdiction of Durgapur Municipal Corporation