STATE ELECTION COMMISSION does NOT deal with Electoral Roll and Voter Card related issues. For this, please contact ECI or office of the CEO, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
201 3943(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Order
202 3945(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Requisition of Premises
203 NIL Contacts of the Observers who are angaged in forthcoming Municipal Election Nov. 2013
204 NIL Appontment Letters of Observers
205 3934-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Election Allowances
206 3935-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Grant of tiffin charges. Grant of tiffin charges to the officers & staff members drafted and deployed by the district in connection with the Municipal General Elections, 2013.
207 3936-SEC/4T-05/2010 24-10-2013 Remuneration. Remuneration to Sector Officers/ Zonal Magistrates/ Liason Officer to Election Observer and Cell Phone Recharging Allowance to Sector Officers and Presiding Officers.
208 3937-SEC/4T-5/2010 24-10-2013 Uninterrupted power supply. Employees of the Central/ State Government / Local Bodies and others who may be appointed as Counting Supervisor/ Counting Assistant for performing counting duty
209 3929-SEC/2M-35/2010 24-10-2013 Uninterrupted power supply. Uninterrupted power supply to 5(five) ULBs where Municipal General & 29(twenty nine) Municipal Constituencies (Ward) where Bye-Elections are scheduled to be held
210 3930(3)-SEC/2M-35/20 24-10-2013 Requisition of the schools and colleges premises along with the services of their non-teaching employees.
211 3928(15)-SEC/1S-14/2 24-10-2013 Alphabetical Arrangement of some prefix / titles
212 3921-SEC/8C-1/1995(P 23-10-2013 Order related to Distinguishing Mark
213 3920(16)-SEC/1M-20/2 23-10-2013 Protocol for First Level Checking of E.V.M.s before Municipal General & Bye-Elections, 2013.
214 3897(16)-SEC/4D-8/20 23-10-2013 Model Code of Conduct
215 3892(15)-SEC/2B-6/20 23-10-2013 ED & Tender Ballot Papers and designs thereof. Electronic Voting Machines will be used in the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye-Elections which are scheduled to be held on 22nd November, 2013.
216 3891-SEC/2B-6/2006 23-10-2013 Specification about every balloting unit of the voting machine-a ballot paper shall be displayed in the space meant therefore and shall contain the following particulars and be of the following design.
217 3894(2)-SEC/4B-3/201 23-10-2013 Allotment of Fund Howrah and South 24 PGS. Sub-allotment of sum in connection with the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye Elections
218 3893(13)-SEC/4B-3/20 23-10-2013 Allotment of Fund. Sub-allotment of sum in connection with the ensuing Municipal General Elections and Bye Elections
219 3879-SEC/1E-78/2012( 22-10-2013 Forwarding Letter for Notification for Elections in Nov 2013
220 3874-SEC/1E-78/2012( 22-10-2013 Notification for Bye Election in Nov 2013