The West Bengal State Election Commission does not deal with General Elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament). Such Elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India. Thus, any complaint, suggestion or any other communication regarding the same may be addressed either to the Election Commission of India or the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.
# Order No. Pub. Date Subject File
181 4026-SEC/5C-7/2006 01-11-2013 Municipal Returning Officers concerned shall arrange for counting the votes at a central place at each of the said Municipalities to be fixed and notified by them in terms of rule 61B of the said rules as amended.
182 4028(15)-SEC/5C-7/20 01-11-2013 Necessary arrangement of Video-Graphy during polling and CCTV at the time of Counting
183 4027(15)-SEC/5C-7/20 01-11-2013 Letter relating Counting of votes, Preservation of E.V.M.s and counting arrangements
184 4035(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 03-11-2013 Plying of Vehicles. Municipal General & Bye-Elections, November, 2013– plying of vehicles on poll day and during campaign - Regulation thereof :
185 4015-SEC/5B-11/2008 01-11-2013 Deployment of Technical expert from ECIL. Technical experts as may be required for checking of E.V.M.s(FLC) to be used for the general elections
186 4000(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 30-10-2013 Restrictions on presence of office bearer of any political party. Restrictions on presence of office bearer of any political party who is in-charge of the State or the district in the area of Municipal Bodies after the campaign period is over.
187 3982(16)-SEC-1M-20-2 29-10-2013 Modification
188 3967(23)-SEC/1M-20/2 26-10-2013 Booth capturing. Instruct all concerned to keep a sharp eye and to report immediately to this Commission if any incident of "booth capturing" takes place
189 3965(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 26-10-2013 Restriction on use of cellular phones. Commission hereby directs that no person shall be allowed to either carry or use cellular phones, cordless phones, wireless sets, etc. within the 100 meter of the polling stations
190 3966(23)-SEC/1M-20/2 26-10-2013 Adjournment of poll. Adjournment of poll in emergencies and in the case of destruction etc. of voting machines and / or booth capturing
191 3963-SEC/1M-20/2013 26-10-2013 There should be no hoardings, posters, banners wall-writings etc. of political parties canvassing or soliciting votes in favour of candidates set up by these parties, within 100 meters of any polling station
192 3969-SEC/1M-20/2013 26-10-2013 Restrictions on movement of political functionaries. Restrictions on movement of political functionaries provided with security on the day of Poll etc.
193 3964(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 26-10-2013 Facilities to electronic and print media. Allowing facilities to representatives of the print and electronic Media in connection with the ensuing Municipal General and Bye-Elections has been considered by the Commission
194 3962(23)-SEC/1M-20/2 26-10-2013 Setting up of candidates’ Camps near polling Stations. Setting up of candidates’ Camps near polling Stations – Restrictions
195 3968-SEC/1M-20/2013 26-10-2013 Restrictions on presence of political functionaries. Restrictions on presence of political functionaries after the campaign period is over.
196 3951(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Mock Poll
197 3949(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Dry Day
198 3948(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Metal Seals
199 3946(23)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 ED Vote
200 3947(15)-SEC/1M-20/2 25-10-2013 Marked Copy